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At Parah Event & Decor, our creative team has a wide range of experience in all aspects of event and decor. We provide solution to corporate and individual meetings, conferences, exhibitions, weddings, parties, funeral grounds, product launches, activations, dinners and more. We strive to be reliable and creative in making sure our clients get the best of services at the most cost-effective rate.


Parah Event and Decor offers every event a unique style and uniquely handles them as such. Our service approach is stepwise as follows:

We Discuss We discuss into details to help us understand our clients’ needs by thoroughly understanding our customers’ expectations, we become a part of their team and able to help them add a perfect finishing touch to the event.

We Plan and Build We do the planning and management of events on behalf of our clients. We, by our able team, go through the details and the set up itself, the ground and field work. We create an ambiance expected of every occasion, day time, night time or open space with our unique lighting system and techniques.

Deliver Sit back and Relax. We will implement the plan. After, we allow customers to visit site location to inspect and confirm everything to their satisfaction and we are glad to do their request as to any changes they may need. We leave some staff behind to ensure a smooth program and pack down after the event

Parah Event & Decor offer and lighting services for:
• Product Launch and Activations
• Conferences
• Corporate Meetings
• Dinners
• Exhibitions
• Funeral Grounds
• Parties
• Product Launches
• Weddings and Photo boots


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