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Home & Office Furnishing


Parah Home & Office Furnishing, is comprehensive and totally customized furnishing solutions tailored to addressing the needs of Corporate bodies and Residential Homes. We represent one of the few local sources of ‘Design & Build’ furnishing solutions, which ensures that projects are completed on schedule, budget and quality. With innovative range of products and the highest standards of quality, we strive to provide our clients with the latest furnishing trends in interior design and furnishings for all occasion.


At Parah Home & Office Furnishing, we believe the right home and office furnishings and furniture can make a simple brick and mortar structure come to life and exude warmth and comfort. We grace every corner of your home, office and offer the most tasteful selection in furniture, textures and colours. Our huge assortment of home and office decor items with vibrant colours, trendy designs and unique patterns are appropriate for contemporary homes and well-travelled, stylish homemakers of the day. Keeping our customers at the core of everything, we go the distance to understand and furnish their preferences. We strive to provide products and services, which meet or exceed the expectations of our customers and create greater value for them.


We provide a one stop shop for:
• Matching your business or home requirements to the perfect office furniture solution.
• Offering office and home designs
• Office blinds and curtains
• Office desk and shelving
• CCTV Installation
• All kinds of bedroom and leisure beds
• All kinds of wallpapers and wall covering
• All kinds of wall painting and wall hanging
• Assorted decor items
• Customized kitchen cabinets to any space, design and colors
• Total solution for home and office lighting
• Celebrity painter for all painting jobs
• Complete refurbishment works at both old home and office and new workspace,
• Assorted flowers and Vases
• Flooring - fitting wood or laminate floors
• Define your work space with our extensive range of contemporary and classic office products.
• Perfect solution to satisfy individual requirements, tastes and budgets




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